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    A small summary was published by the Paris Saclay Life Sciences department (with a picture featuring colorful smileys, in French).

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  • PhylogeneticEM (R package, main author) [CRAN] [GitHub]

  • PhyloNetworks (Julia package, contributor) [GitHub]

  • BEAST (written in java, contributor) [GitHub]

  • nosoi (R package, contributor) [CRAN] [GitHub]

  • compcodeR (R package, contributor) [Bioconductor] [GitHub]

PhD Thesis

  • Shifted stochastic processes evolving on trees: application to models of adaptive evolution on phylogenies. [Manuscript], [Slides]

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  • P. Bastide and T. David : Discours de réception d’Édouard Estaunié à l’Académie française: définitions croisées de la persona d’un académicien scientifique ISSN 1913-536X Épistépocritique - Volume 14 - Automne 2014 - Greffes. [URL]